Chorus Analyze

Cleanse, combine and connect call data records and other digital data to answer key investigation questions and generate courtroom ready reports

Chorus Analyse is at the forefront of new technology empowering Analysts and Investigators. Chorus Analyse takes disparate data types including communications data and device downloads and streamlines them to allow fast, powerful and in-depth analysis at the click of a button.

Law enforcement agencies are dealing with masses of communications data, handset downloads, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, IP traffic, financial transactions, web chat, attribution and other data types in a single operation. The volume in today’s digital landscape means that practitioners struggle to find the time to explore, investigate and resolve the full extent of the opportunities that exist.

The #1 Communications Data Cleansing and Analysis Tool Used by UK Law Enforcement

Save 97% of your time!

Chorus eliminates the time spent unnecessarily formatting and preparing communications data. With built in mapping and data visualisation, it allows you to see the big picture and get straight to the answer.

Data Cleansing

Drag and drop your communications data into Chorus and our custom cleansing rules, developed alongside police Analysts, will remove the noise from your data and format it ready for in-depth analysis.

A full audit trail is available so you can see what has happened to every single row of data in Chorus to give you the confidence that the output can be used in a courtroom setting.

Analyze Any Data Type

Combine communications data analysis with device downloads, ANPR, financial transactions, telematics, RF surveys and chat and instant messaging to get a full picture of your investigation.

Cell Site Analysis

Chorus Analyze includes a dedicated RF module that is included in your existing license fee. Combine and overlay your cell site analysis with your communications data to help answer those key questions. Chorus ingests RF surveys from CSurv, Nemo, Compass, and we are also a QRC authorized integrator.

Chorus Reports

With real time rerunning of reports.

Save Time in Court and Pre-court

Artificial Intelligence

Use built in AI to support decision making

View the Data From Every Angle

Use Chorus Reports to look at data in new ways to provide a fresh perspective

Dynamic Data Export

Industry Informed

Beyond Manual Preparation

Chorus algorithms elevate the analytical process to advanced levels

All reports are a direct result of engagement from analysts and investigators across the security industry

At any time, export to multiple file types for maximum flexibility

What our clients have to say

"Very impressed with Chorus. It will save us huge amounts of time cleansing data, leaving more time for analysis"

"Chorus was used extensively during this operation including prior to the arrest, during the interviews and finally to produce evidential mapping and call schedules which undoubtedly assisted in the early guilty pleas."

Analyst / UK Police Force

"Chorus is performing brilliantly, it’s using historic and live time data to inform pro-active policing decisions, and getting results"

"Chorus has given us a real advantage in our fight against crime"

"The ability to cross reference data with existing cases in other regions is invaluable"

Senior Investigator / SOCU

Analyst / UK Police

"Chorus was invaluable for processing and analysing all the billing data. Manual processing would have taken several weeks and the additional functionality and speed gave us many options for identifying important details that would have been otherwise impossible to uncover."

"Without Chorus, it would have been impossible to get through the volume of data involved"

Major Incident Analyst / UK Police

Criminal Intelligence Analyst / UK Police Force

SIO / Suffolk Police

Tactical Analyst / UK Police Force

"Chorus is by far the most significant aid to intelligence technology this century."

Investigator / UK Police Force

Chorus Platform

Our platform is designed to help Analysts, Investigators and SPoCs to solve more crime by cleansing data and spotting the connections between it.  As a platform as a whole, every challenge you face with your data, or every phase that you go through in terms of your investigations, there is a Chorus product or process that provides the solution to your challenges.










Data sharing

Data Integration

Data Collection








Data Sources





A state-of-the-art secure digital vault to house all evidence relating to an investigation and facilitate secure data sharing with the CPS and other trusted partners.


Cleanse, combine and connect call data records and other digital data to answer key investigation questions and generate courtroom ready reports


Chorus Ivy is an integration platform which allows remote, disparate datasets to be queried by connecting to data repositories or APIs. This allows you to Visualise and enrich in Chorus and i2.


Allows frontline officers to view intelligence on locations, incidents and individuals when responding on patrol.


RIPA and MOPI compliant internet intelligence and investigation tool. Capture any evidence, anywhere online and store it in a secure hub.


Triage, index and search data to conduct cross case analysis and unlock intelligence from your files and systems.




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