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Chorus Capture

Unlock Intelligence From Any Operation

Chorus Capture is part of our award winning software suite designed for SPoCs and investigation teams to share and scan data to find out if a phone number, IMEI, name, keyword or other entity has appeared in a previous investigation. Simply point Chorus Capture at your chosen file directory and it will find the needle in your haystack of data.


Any File Type

Chorus Indexer can search any file type from PDFs and PowerPoints, through to Excel files and MP4s. It will even search saved Chorus sessions to get you the results you need.

Chorus Indexer

Any Search Term

Search on any term or entity such as phone number, IMEI, Facebook ID, or even a keyword. Results are displayed where that term either appears in the file name, content, or metadata. Any changes made to your original directory or file and Capture automatically picks up on those changes ready for your next search.

Any Action

Once discovered, choose to open the file, navigate to its location, or even drop it straight into Chorus for it to be cleansed and analyzed.

Chorus Indexer Search

New Image Recognition Capability!

Our latest version of Chorus Capture has built-in image and object recognition. Its machine learning is able to identify your search terms in any image types that you have stored in your directory.

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