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Solve More Crime with Chorus

Our product suite is designed to help Analysts, Investigators and SPoCs to solve more crime by cleansing data and spotting the connections between it.


Chorus Suite

Chorus is an independent provider of software to law enforcement and defense. Our technology is a solution for automatically cleansing, combining and connecting complex data sets including communications data and device downloads to answer key investigation questions immediately using mapping, visualization, and evidence quality reports. See below for links to our product suite.

Chorus Analyze

The number 1 data cleansing and analysis tool used by UK law enforcement. Drag and drop all your digital data to be overlaid, analyzed, and mapped to generate evidence quality outputs.

Chorus Ivy

Connect i2 with multiple intelligence data sources with pre-configured links.

Chorus Mobile Intelligence

An application for front-line officers to view intelligence on locations, incidents and individuals when responding or on patrol.


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