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Chorus is used by many different industries, from law enforcement to defence and Homeland Security.

80% of police forces already use Chorus, but the system is deployed in other sectors, too.

Civil Government

Tax Bureaus, Revenue and Customs, Healthcare and Local Governments all face a huge challenge when combating financial crime. Chorus enables organisations to quickly analyse and understand financial data and overlay this rich data set with other intelligence sources.

Border Security

Keeping borders safe and secure is vital, with human trafficking, Child Sexual Exploitation and with the threat of extremism, securing the borders has never been more important. Chorus has extensive experience dealing with domestic and international data types. Our solution pairs multiple data with geospatial data to allow analysts to see the whole picture to ascertain the truth.

Homeland Security

Protecting sovereign states against terrorist threats both home and abroad. Chorus partners with agencies to protect its citizens, interests and national infrastructure from those who seek to harm. Governments first priority is to ensure the safety of its people – Chorus is a fundamental weapon in its fight against the terrorist threat by helping to analyse and interpret the tsunami of data to support the decisions makers.

Law Enforcement

With the ever expanding and innovative communication methods available to the public and criminal fraternity alike, investigative agencies are using Chorus across a broad range of disciplines from serious and organised crime, major investigation teams, covert policing to child protection. Chorus enables law enforcement to stop, disrupt and prevent these threats in the most efficient and effective way possible.