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Our Mission

To enable efficient and effective policing through the provision of technology

Our Promise

Our customers are everything to us. We promise to keep listening to them in order to provide products that meet their changing needs. We promise to exploit advances in technology for their benefit, and we promise to keep delivering the highest levels of service and support we can.

About Us

Chorus Intelligence (previously Create Intelligence) was founded in 2011 with the aim of delivering a cost effective solution to the tsunami of data that Analysts and Investigators face in today’s environment.

Often, Analysts and Investigators spend the majority of their time collating, formatting and aligning multiple data sources. Meaning that highly skilled resources are being inefficiently tasked by preparing data instead of proactively performing analysis to gain valuable insight and intelligence to help decision makers make informed decisions.

Our first product, Chorus Analyser, is now the number 1 data cleansing and analysis tool used by UK law enforcement. Since it’s introduction, it has helped forces and agencies across the country to solve high profile cases and keep our streets safe. Chorus now offers a full suite of products that give Investigators and front line officers the tools they need in order to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

To this day, Chorus has been deployed across the globe in the fight against terrorism, serious and organized crime, the exploitation of at risk and vulnerable people, and sophisticated financial frauds.

Police Tech Pioneers

In 2018, Chorus was named as a police tech pioneer in a report which highlighted how new technology startups are set to transform policing. We were showcased in the report as one of the 75 most promising police technology startups from around the world.

Our team consists of ex-police Analysts, Investigators, and forensic specialists that work closely with our customers and development team to drive our product suite forward to meet the demands that modern crime places on law enforcement.

Our main office is based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, but our customer facing team are dotted around the UK and now in the US to help with our ability to provide on-site support.

If you would like more information then please contact us at or call +1 778 878 3368.

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